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MA Automotive Solutions, “the company(‘s)/we/our/us”. You, “the customer/you/yourself”.Retail customers” are customer outside of the trade. “Trade customers” are customer from within the trade. PDQ is the card payment machine.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are a binding contract between you and the company. By agreeing to work you agree to these terms and conditions.


The customer agrees to pay the full amount requested on completion of work. If any changes to the price are required, consent will be obtained from the customer before any further work has commenced. The company does not offer credit to retail customers. The company can offer credit account terms to trade customers (please see account customer terms and conditions) The customers vehicle will be held by the company until full payment has been made. After the elapsed time stipulated by English law has been exceeded for collection/payment, and the vehicle is officially entitled privately dumped we will apply for the vehicles registration document. The vehicle will then be sold/scrapped to recover the costs that are outstanding. Costs that are not covered will be pursued by our legal representatives. All non payments are passed to our legal representatives. Any damage caused to you vehicle by the company should be brought to our attention as soon as it is found. This should be in writing/email and have accompanying photographs to support your claim. All vehicles left in our locked yard overnight is at your own risk, including  valuables left within them.

Account Customers

We may offer account terms to trade customers. Proof of business address, trading time and contact details will be required. You agree to pay the full amount requested within 28 days of the invoice being created/sent. You agree to contact the company in cases of bankruptcy, insolvency, or difficulty paying in writing/email as soon as the situation arises. The company reserves the right to end credit terms at any time by contacting you in writing/email.

Company conditions

We will ensure our insurance policy is up to date and correct. Representatives of the company will be fully insured and legal to driver customer vehicles. We will ensure all doors and padlocks are securely locked once the business is closed. We reserve the right to sublet work if the situation is required. Parts supplied by us will carry a minimum 12 months warranty from the date of fitment. The company will not offer any warranty on parts not supplied by us. We cannot offer warranty on second hand parts supplied by us. Workmanship will carry 12 months/12,000 miles warranty (which ever is sooner) from the date of invoice. We will not cover any loss of income, recovery, or consequential damage due to workmanship. Any increase in price due to broken/damaged bolts, fastening or joints, unforeseen problems or extra maintenance (not limited to but including), we will contact you with a quotation for your approval. Any points/fines gained whilst the vehicle is in the company’s care should be reported to us as soon as possible, along with proof of the offence as sent to you. We agree, without prejudice to listen to, and resolve, if possible any issues you may have.


This website is property of MA Automotive Solutions. Any coping or use of items from it are strictly prohibited without the company’s permission, which must be obtained in writing. Use of our contact form adheres to our privacy policy. External links from this website are licenced to, owned by, or have authorised usage by MA Automotive Solutions. They should not be copied. Usage of these site are governed by their represented terms and conditions. We advise you to read them and ensure you are satisfied before use of them. Any virus obtained from them is not the company’s responsibility. We will ensure adequate virus checks are used for the website and email (via our hosting company).

Privacy policy

We will hold customers contact details securely. We will not allow third parties access to customer details, unless a warrant is produced. We may send you offers/promotions using your email/postal address, if you do not want this to happen please contact us in writing.

Testimonials Any testimonial left will constitute the agreement that you allow us to post your testimonial, along with your name as left on the testimonial sent.

All testimonials will be checked for abusive/foul language. Testimonials will be posted once vetted. We aim to do this within 24 hrs, but reserve the right to extend this time scale. We reserve the right not to publish testimonials. Any testimonial that has abusive language will not be published. We will store email addresses from testimonials as per our privacy policy.

Payment protection

We will ensure our card payment protection (PDQ) is up to date and correct. All card details will be held securely, as per our merchant terms and conditions. Any details received from telephone payment will be securely destroyed.

Courtesy car

We have courtesy cars available to use. We reserve the right to refuse courtesy car usage by customers.

Company requirements

We will supply a courtesy car free of charge.
All vehicles we use as courtesy cars will be legal, have MOT, insured, have tax and be serviced regularly.

Customer requirements

You will supply a copy of your driving licence.
The car will be kept clean and rubbish removed.
Any damage will be reported as soon as possible.
There is no smoking in courtesy cars.
You are responsible for all fines/penalty points incurred whilst the vehicle in your possession.
Dash cams (if fitted) must not be tampered with.
Fuel used must be replaced.