Servicing keeps your vehicle’s engine and mechanical components roadworthy and will extend the life of your vehicle. Servicing will also highlight any defects or potential defects your vehicle may have, keeping you and other road users safe.

MA Automotive Solutions only use original equipment specification parts (see below), we ensure the correct oil grade is used, and charge the recommended manufactures time units (where available) for our labour. We also offer a minor/major service option, this is recommended for 7+ vehicles and OE spec parts may not be used.

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Minor Service

  • Drain and renew oil.
  • Replace oil filter.
  • Check brake fluid level.
  • Inspect brake pad thickness.
  • Inspect tyres and record tread depths.
  • Check suspension components.
  • Check antifreeze strength and level, top up if required.
  • Check screenwash level and strength, top up if required.
  • Check drive shafts and rubber boots
  • Check exhaust.
  • Check lights.
  • Check washers and top up.
  • Check wiper operation and blades.
  • Check under vehicle for damage.
  • Check fuel lines for security and leaks.
  • Reset service indicator (if applicable).
  • Road test. from £90

View Minor Service Sheet

Major Service

  • As per minor service including,
  • Air filter change.
  • Spark plug change (petrol), Fuel filter (diesel).
  • Removal and inspection of drums (if applicable).
  • Full diagnostic check of ECU’s.
  • Road test. from £140

View Major Service Sheet

All prices assume oil grade is 5w30 and use less than 5 litres.

Brake Fluid Change

Brake fluid is hydroscopic, this means it absorbs water. Eventually brake fluid will be more water than fluid, this will reduce braking efficiency and could create a dangerous situation.  This operation is generally recommended every two years.

Drain and renew brake fluid. £35 (£20*)

*price is when combined with a service


Our Suppliers

We predominately use MANN filters. MANN are a well known brand within the trade and even supply supply manufactures with their filter from factory. We use MANN filter for the high quality elements within the filter, seals that work and a fitment that is the same as the manufacture intended. Below is a few pictures of why we choose MANN filters vs cheaper alternatives. This proves our commitment to ensuring your vehicle kept in perfect condition.


Here is a link to MANN 10 myths about filters,