MA Automotive Solutions can carry out mechanical repairs to the highest standard. From brake pads to a full engine rebuild, we can diagnose and repair your vehicle cost effectively, in a timely manner, and our parts and labour is guaranteed for 12 months. We are also able to offer a courtesy car whilst your vehicle is being repaired (subject to availability). We use Original Equipment (OE) spec replacement parts from Delphi, Luk, Gates and Bosch.

Brake pads fitted from £30

Clutches fitted from £100

Exhausts fitted from £40

Cambelts fitted from £80

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Why change your cambelt?

The cambelt, or timing belt as it is also known, is one of the hardest working components on your engine. The belt ensures the correct synchronisation of the engines rotating parts. A timing belt rotates 1000’s of times a minute, this includes the tensioner and idler rollers. They are under extreme mechanical and thermal pressures from the engine working. Over time this can cause the belt to stretch or become slack, causing the mechanical timing to change. This can cause severe damage to the internals of the engine. This results in costly repair bills to rectify the damage.

We recommend changing the timing belt, rollers and tensioner at the manufactures time and mileage intervals. We also recommend changing the water pump if it is located within the timing belt driveline. Just like the guides, idlers and tensioner the water pump is a bearing, and is subject to wear. A failed water pump bearing can cause the timing belt to go slack and cause engine damage.