Welcome to the In car technology page. This page contains a brief overview of our most popular products and questions we receive.  We can also offer a bespoke installation of your requirements.

Bluetooth kits

The use of a mobile phone whilst driving is prohibited. The penalty is currently £200 and 6 points. A bluetooth handsfree kit from MA Automotive Solutions means you can answer your calls legally, avoiding the risk of a fine and points. MA Automotive Solutions has a range of kits available. This ranges from a basic kit that makes and answer calls, through to top end kits, boasting music streaming and text message reading*. *Phone dependant

Dash Cam

Britain’s roads are among the busiest in the world, as a consequence accidents do happen. A dash cam can show your insurance company, police or courts exactly what happened, when and where. These devices are becoming more and more popular, and are highly recommended for young and inexperienced drivers. We can supply and fit a camera front and rear if required, or professionally fit your supplied item. Please contact us for a quote.


Modern audio systems are excellent quality, load, crystal clear sound, and boast a range of features. Unfortunately this is sometimes not enough. We have a range of solutions for pretty much any requirement, from a iphone connection, through to a fully integrated satellite navigation system. Give us a call with your requirements.