Here we have some of the questions we are asked on a regular basis. If your question is not listed, please contact us and we will answer it for you.

Why do I need a service if my car has just passed the MOT?

A MOT is very different to a service. The MOT is the minimum standard a vehicle has to be to be on British roads. Servicing will inform you of how much wear and tear your vehicle has and a estimate of how long before these components will need renewing. It also ensures all pressures, levels and systems are correct and working.

Remember you can pass a MOT, and within a thousand miles have bald/illegal tyres and grinding brakes. A service will alert you to this potential issue, a MOT will not.

My car is using more fuel than it used to, why?

When was it last serviced? Modern engine’s need good quality oil to operate the complex variable valve timing systems. Poor oil will cause the engine to work harder, outside of parameters, hence more fuel. What condition are the spark plugs (petrol), fuel filter and air filter in? Blocked filters will cause poor air to fuel mixture, increasing fuel consumption. Check your tyre pressures. Low tyre pressures puts more tyre on the road. This creates more friction and higher fuel consumption.

Approximately 75% of vehicles we service have low tyre pressures.

Why do I need servicing?

Servicing ensures your vehicle will be in top condition. The engine will operate better for longer, items that are beginning to wear will be picked. You will use less fuel, less brake downs and have fewer unexpected bills.

I have a light on the dash, can’t you just plug it in and that’ll tell you whats wrong with it?

In some cases a code read will give a direct fault code. In many cases however, a code read will tell you what is outside of parameter. Modern engines can have up to 30 sensors, the engine management light (for example) can be illuminated because one of these sensors has return a signal the ecu does not understand. For example, we had a 2.2 tdci Ford Smax which had a ‘turbo pressure low’ problem. The customer had the problem diagnosed by their local garage, which resulted in a new a boost pressure sensor. The fault was not cured. The actual problem was a split boost hose. This is a good example of just going by what the computer tells you. Most cases the code is a starting point, not the fix.

Do you have a courtesy car I can use whilst my car is in for repair?

Yes we do have courtesy cars (subject to availability). We require a copy of your driving licence, a form to be signed accepting any fines/points incurred whilst you use the vehicle. There is no charge for the use of our courtesy cars, we do ask that they are kept clean, any damage is reported as soon as possible and the fuel you use is replaced. Other T&C’s apply.

Do you offer credit terms?

We only offer credit terms to certain trade customers. General retail customers will not be offered any terms. If you are unsure if you qualify for credit terms, please contact us.

Do you offer a mobile service?

We do offer a mobile service in special circumstances. This is subject to workshop bookings, outstanding work and distance to the job. We also charge from when we leave our workshop to when we return. This is because of the lost time, and consequently lost chargeable hrs in the workshop. In many cases this make a mobile service expensive, hence we don’t openly offer this service. We do use recovery agents whom are reasonably priced to collect the vehicle. Contact us to discuss your requirements.