The government has relaxed the rules around Covid-19 and has begun reopening the country for business. We have put government recommendations into place. They are as follows,

  • Please wear face coverings when entering the building.
  • Please keep a one meter distance from staff and other customers.
  • Vehicle steering wheels, handles, gear selectors etc will be wiped down with appropriate cleansers before and after work is carried out.
  • Finished vehicles will be parked, cleaned and keys will left in the ignition for your collection (outside of business hours they will locked away in the buildings key safe).
  • Payment is to be made via telephone, card terminal or preferably by BAC’s payments. No cash will be taken unless agreed beforehand.

Whilst we will take every effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 we strongly advise you take your own precautions, we won’t be offended.